Who is – Peter Schlereth

Peter Schlereth

My intention was to put together a company that expresses my thoughts and concerns in commercial real estate.  Wanted to use the knight as a symbol of the services I am offering:  There are Two meanings; As a chess piece it is unmatched on the playing board, it can gain the upper hand swiftly, safeguarding several positions simultaneously, yet be an aggressor on the attack – on several levels – all at the same time.  Secondly, the knight of medieval times supported superior positions, protected the kingdom and sought out opportunity in doing the Kings bidding.  Thus my company and its logo were born – to enhance my clients’ position on numerous levels.

In 1971, I volunteered to enter the US Marine Corps, where I further learned to step forward.  I volunteered to join the Marines, I volunteered to serve in Vietnam (2 tours), volunteered to serve in Tanzania.  In 1975, upon being honorably discharged, immediately entered college and eventually entered graduate school. I started my career in Urban Planning and worked within the cities of Folsom, Woodland, Yuba City and Sutter County.  In 1983, I moved to Santa Rosa and entered into the commercial real estate world as a licensed salesperson. In 1994, I became a Licensed Real Estate Broker (Broker License #00882531) and started my own company, PCS-7 Commercial Real Estate, as a sole proprietor.

Since 1984, I still really enjoy what I do. Every interaction is exciting to me because I am in a position to help people with their businesses expand and prosper. Seeing business parks grow, helping contractors find land to build upon, assisting tenants to find buildings and aiding investors looking to buy those buildings.  I like what I do and I am very good at it – I like putting deals together – Seeing people achieve success is what this is all about. I hope to partner with YOU in your next real estate endeavor and help you achieve YOUR goals.